How do I get an account?

We want you to know that an invite code is not required for the vast majority of services provided by riseup. This includes mailing lists (, VPN ( and crabgrass ( Only our email service requires an invite.

We are sorry, but the only way to get an invite for our email service is from a current riseup user. Spammers were abusing the previous system and causing our services to be blocked by other providers. Until we can find a way to prevent this type of abuse, you will need to find a riseup user and ask them for an invite code. You will not receive an invite code through riseup support.
If you cannot acquire an invite code and need one of the services that require it, you may want to look at our list of similarly-minded radical servers ( 

Note that due to aggressive spam issues that are threatening our our ability to deliver mail, we have temporarily adjusted our policy and now consider "New" accounts to be ones that are less than several years old. Once we are able to get a better handle on the spammers we will relax the policy. There is currently no ETA as to when that will be.

Thank you for your understanding.

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