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This account was closed due to Terms of Service violations. We won't reopen it.

As stated in our ToS:

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Hello Team RiseUp,

I wanted to start off and say that I have no idea why my account was closed. I was panicking all over the place as I have valuable sites that I have registered to sties with this account. I thought I have lost the account, but I in fact remembered my recovery email and reset the password just to see the status to my account was changed to "closed". I don't know if I violated anything or its because of spam or its because I have been compromised. I have never given out my password to anyone and made sure my password is extremely hard to guess unless it really did get hacked. I beg of you to access my account back because I have registered the email with my important daily day-to-day use tasks such as my Discord, Banking, etc. If I can't get it back,, just please give me temporary access to it just so that I can migrate my personal info on my accounts to another email. Please.



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Recovery Email:

Here is a screenshot with a similar case of mine:

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Our list has been suspended. This list is used to organize against fascism in our locality in France and we need it very badly our political context (fascists about to rule the country).

It has been suspended for these reason : "We are sorry to inform you that we had to suspend your list, because of
resubscribing people that had previously unsubscribed or bulk
resubscribing users who already were."
I think this is due to the fact that we are many persons managing the list and maybe we added people several times due to a lack of communication between us.

Anyway, can you please restore the list urgently ? this is our main way of communication.
Antifascists regards

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I add that all the persons added asked to be added wheter by writing their mail to a list during our events or by requesting it by mail.
We'll organise better to face this issue in the future. thanks for your comprehension and your work

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Please create a new ticket instead of adding information to a separate ticket. The original person who created this ticket now has access to this communication, and it is also very confusing and difficult for us to track.

You can open a new ticket by going to

Thank you

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