How do I reset my email account password?

To reset your password, follow this link:

For email accounts created after February 16, 2017: The only way to reset your password is with a recovery code. A recovery code was created for your account when you first signed up. Without a recovery code, it is impossible to reset your password, even by us. This is because your password and recovery code are used to cryptographically seal your account data.

For email accounts created before February 16, 2017: There are two possible ways to reset the password for these accounts:

  1. If you have previously configured an alternate contact email account, you can still use this to reset your password. Follow the link above.
  2. If you have a recovery code, generated in the past when you had access to your account.
Otherwise, there is no way to get access to the account. You can request a new account, but the former username will not be available.



hello, my account "oxyangels" got its password changed and all my important info is in that and i cant even access my stuff right now, and i never saved my recovery code.

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