How do I create an alias?

To delete create or delete aliases you need to follow this steps;

2) Click on the "Mail settings"
3) Under the "General" tab you will see an aliases box. To add one write it there, one per line, in the format of If you want to delete one, just remove it.
4) Click the "Save" button. The alias should be working now.



Hello, I want to make the address the main one, can you please help me?

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Hi there

So, as you already registered the alias, in order to convert it as the main account address, you will need to take the following steps:

0. log into https://account, with your account (ermylion)

1. remove the voskresensky alias from your account (on

2. go back to the Home and click on  the "Change username" button (

3. Add the voskresensky as the new username for your account

After that, your account will be and the alias will be automatically be created, so you can still receive emails using that former email address.

Let us know if you have any issue while trying to perform this change.

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