I am not receiving mail, is something wrong?


Do the messages sent to you bounce back to the sender? If so, what explanation is given?
Might you be using up all your quota?
Can you send messages to yourself or others successfully?

If you still have problems, please submit a help ticket.



Bonjour, je ne reçois pas les mails sur ma nouvelle messagerie riseup. Aussi, mon compte est entièrement configuré en slovaque et j'aimerais qu'il soit en français. Que dois-je faire?


According to FAQ, you might be running into an issue with Spamcop. https://riseup.net/en/spam#spamcop
If you're describing a situation where you're sporadically not getting a few email's per day as opposed to getting nothing than you might want to check if your ISP uses Spamcop.


riseup is useless garbage. I asked and asked the people RESPONSIBLE to fix the problem, and they refuse. the problem is NOT mail bouncing back, the problem is MAIL DOES NOT GET DELIVERED AND IS NOT BOUNCED BACK. NOR IS SENT MAIL SAVED ANYMORE. I SIMPLY HAVE STOPPED USING THIS SHITTY SERVICE. SORRY I GAVE THEM MONEY.


I have the same problem.
I can send e-mails but I can't receive any answering mail.


I have issue connecting my thunderbird client to my riseup account.
the process get blocked on the 'sending login information'

anyone with the same problem?


To be clear, are you having any issues with webmail?

Julia Wilson

For any email related help visit:https://www.emailcustomersupportnumber.com

Samuel Martinez

Bonjour, je ne reçois plus de nouveaux emails depuis quelques jours sur mon riseup...je suis à 50% de la capacité. Merci de me dire ce qui se passe? Cordialement


Unfortunately, we do not have many in our collective that can speak your language. Would you mind if we used an online translation tool to help us understand one another or could you simply use English?

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