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My account was compromised and sending spam. I have secured my hardware as well as any and all accounts that could have been linked to this. I kindly ask that my longevity with the platform be taken into consideration and ask that my account be re enabled so that I can make sure I secure it with a stronger password. If this is not possible, could I get a new invite code? It wouldnt be ideal since I had my riseup linked to a lot of services I used, but I have been a part of this community for the better part of a decade I would say. I just don't want to lose my preferred email because my account was briefly compromised and sent spam. By the time i realized it and logged in to change my password, my account listed as closed. However i can reset my password using my alternate email but then after it accepts that I cant login to webmail because my account is disabled

Thanks, keep fighting the good fight

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