Can you remove username from reservation?

Sarah wrote...
Hi, a friend of mine (who agrees with our values) who I referred to riseup deleted his account several months ago as he was going to switch to another email service.
He missed riseups privacy features and wanted to be invited back, however after I gave him a invite code it seemed that the username was reserved.
(I was reading about this issue here:

Is there any way you could remove the name from reservation so he can create his account?

Thanks very much-Sarah
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Cyanolyca turcosa ecua4944
Urraca De Cuello Negro replied...

We are sorry, but this is not possible. When somebody closes the account the username cannot be used again, as a way to prevent a 3rd party taking control of the username and be able to receive e-mails directed at that e-mail account. This is a big inconvenience, but the damage that can produce if we enable that kind of feature is too big for us to allow it.

In solidarity,
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