Websites can't load when VPN Red is enabled

Crystalsun wrote...
Suddenly, all websites have stopped loading if I am connected to VPN Red. However, some other apps that require Internet connection are still working, like certain messengers. Oddly enough, everything is fine without VPN Red or with Tor Browser. Riseup VPN Black (Bitmask) is also working properly. What could that be? If the problem is on riseup side, why am I able to connect without any errors? If it's on my side, what could that be? The transition to the state when my VPN Red is not working was very unexpected, I didn't do anything with network configuration.
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Crystalsun replied...
It's ok now, although I still don't know the reason behind all that
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Crossbill replied...
Great to hear! Sorry for the troubles.
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Professionalcontractingsvc replied...
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