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Byreviero asked a question...

Hello, dear friends.
I'm a c++ programmer. I'm a newbie in programming sphere. And I seek similar secure services to use first time. I want to take a part at this service, which free from prying eyes.
I'd be pleased that you send me one. I'd really appreciate the help. Thank in advance.

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Crossbill replied...

We are sorry, but the only way to get an account currently is by one invite from a riseup user. Spammers were abusing the previous system making it useless for our users are we were constantly blocked by other providers. Until we can find a way to defeat those spammers, you will need to find a riseup user and get an invite from them :(

in solidarity,
riseup collective

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Mike replied...

Hy! i have a invite code for create a new email.
how can i get it?

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Cyanolyca turcosa ecua4944
Urraca De Cuello Negro replied...


Please use the Sign up form here

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