How can I help Riseup Help?

Jaime asked a question...

I wanted to try creating a new thread and thought it should be something useful and not just a test. ;)
So what would be some guidelines and best practices for contributing to this system?
What relationship will this system have to the existing help pages linked from the main site and in the git repos?

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Cedar Waxwing replied...

That is a great question. We are just trying to figure out how to use it as well. There are a lot of features we have not yet enabled, such as support for searchable, translatable, votable knowledgebase (akin to stack exchange).

For now, we are starting with features: public issues and private issues. The best thing to do is to help contribute to the public discussions, as people start to post items, and help us figure out what the best practices should be.

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Anarcat replied...

one thing that would help me is figure out (like SO does) which questions are unanswered or without a reply (two different things).

this would include having a way for the ticket creator to mark an issue as resolved by choosing the answer that resolves the question.

having filters to check what is what would of course be necessary as well.

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Anarcat replied...

another example - here the issue was closed as duplicate, yet i can't see this as a regular user:

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