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B wrote...
I am trying to replace a Yahoo list with one on The Yahoo list was named "oaklandgreens". When I tried the error message said the group already existed, It appears that I set it up in the past and then closed it., I think that was because folks wanted a yahoo list. When I tried to restore the list I got:
AUTHORIZATION REJECT (restore_list) This action is restricted to listmasters.
Is there a way to restore. reactivate, or recreate this list?
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B replied...
I recently created a list oaklandgreenparty. If the oaklandgreens list could be removed from the server i could just rename the oaklandgreenparty list to oaklandgreens. I currently get an error message that the oaklandgreens list already exists, when I try to do that.

If I am able to get the archives of the group from Yahoo, I would love to be able to somehow upload it to a riseup group. Is that possible?
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Roadrunner replied...

I renamed the old list to something else (still closed) and then renamed oaklandgreenparty to oaklandgreens.

For migrating from yahoo, maybe this will help?
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Vireo replied...
Dear B,

This ticket is being closed due to inactivity.  Please respond and reopen the ticket if you still desire assistance with this topic. 

In Solidarity, 


PS: We need your help to continue our work – please consider donating to riseup –
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