Outline VPN support on Riseup

Name wrote...
Will Outline VPN (free & open-source & with security audits) be supported on Riseup?
Outline VPN uses Shadowsocks protocol with some improved parameters and improved security, design to be used in country's where ISP and National Gateway VPN ban or throttling may exist.

The main problem is that of RiseUP probably being in all VPN ban lists, so it would be needed new URL's and IP ranges to avoid the bans already in place.
To further improve the resilience against blocking and having in mind that "spy" users (working for those that block VPN's) may exist, or people may be caught with it working, it would be prudent to also have a pool of different URL's with different IP ranges associated to them to make it harder to find and block... of course attributing different RiseUP user accounts different URL/ IP ranges to be used.
Maybe even have some expiration date where the user needs to get a new string to get a new (clean) URL maybe associated to a new IP range. These should make it harder to keep the RiseUP blocked everywhere over time.

User client software available to: Android, Windows, Chrome, iOS, MacOS, Linux.
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Pollo replied...

There is currently no plans to support anything else than RiseupVPN. It's a rebrand of Bitmask and if you have feature requests or bugs, please open an issue here:


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