Hotmail users getting unsubscribed

Yardena wrote...
Is this something the host can fix? Thanks.

---------- Forwarded message ---------
Date: Mon, May 30, 2022 at 5:27 PM
Subject: List sfchalkboard automatic bounce management
To: , , ,

Because we received many non-delivery reports, the 62 subscribers listed
below have been
notified that they might be removed from list sfchalkboard:

Managing bouncing subscribers:
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Cyanolyca turcosa ecua4944
Urraca De Cuello Negro replied...


It seems your list has been sporadically blocked by outlook/hotmail/live and the list server didn't reset the bouncing errors after a mail was correctly delivered to those addresses. From the error from the bounces the last time this happened was on may 21st, and after there new mail was sent and delivered. I take it this as a bug of the list server (which should have done this on it's own, but my recommendation at this moment is to reset the bouncing score of the addresses here

I also note that some addresses are bouncing because they don't exist or have their mailbox full. It's a good idea to unsubscribe them and not reset their score (they don't have hotmail/live/outlook addresses).

I will dig more information about how the list / server was blocked and try to see what's going on. Your list has less than 100 reports of spam from hotmail in 4 years, which shouldn't have triggered this issue.

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