Onion service for we.riseup down?

Owen wrote...
Hi everyone,

I can't currently (2017-07-10 1300 UTC) connect to the onion address for we.riseup.net (7lvd7fa5yfbdqaii.onion).

This appears to be the case regardless of whether I connect by http or https. Switching to a different tor circuit doesn't help.

I seem to recall it was also down when I tried on a previous occasion. I think this was 2017-10-08 but it might have been 2017-10-07.

Other riseup users: can you confirm this is the same for you?

Riseup birds: can you fix it?

Thanks :)
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Cyanolyca turcosa ecua4944
Urraca De Cuello Negro replied...

Sorry we have been dealing with a lot of stuff offline and every ticket is taking more time than it should to be answered. One day later the onion address is looking fine, I'm taking a note to see if there is anybody that can check what could happened because I'm not familiar with that service. In my experience sometimes after a reboot or lost of connectivity it can take a while for tor to display the onion services again, but usually not longer than 1hour

In solidarity
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