Crabgrass invitations not working

Millerj wrote...
I realize this is for riseup red, but I'm hoping to alert riseup to an apparent problem with crabgrass invitations to a group, or get help from someone. I also posted to the "Groups" thread in the crabgrass user forum, as follows:

Recently invites stopped working for us. Multiple attempts have been made to send invites to two people, and all spam/junk/etc. folders have been checked, but no invitation email was ever received. Someone else invited DID receive the invitation email, so it's neither particular to one invitee nor universal. We attempted to invite one of the people to another group, in case it was a glitch with the group, and once again no invitation email was received--so it's not particular to group. We also attempted inviting someone to the group via their crabgrass username instead of their email, but that did not work either.

Has anyone else run into this problem? It is hampering critical, time-sensitive work. Thanks in advance.
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