"gag orders, FISA court orders, National Security Letters" as "minor events?"

Shannoncunningham wrote...
Hi, why does the warrant canary page refer to "gag orders, FISA court orders, National Security Letters, etc" as "minor events" that Riseup wouldn't want to "freak out" users about by informing them via the canary? These events are worthy of freaking out about, they are never "minor." How many of these events can be confirmed to have taken place since Riseup's inception?
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Roadrunner replied...
As explained on/linked from the canary page, the origin of this policy was the event explained in this press release
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Crossbill replied...
We don't consider those minor events at all. A canary is supposed to signal important risk information to users, which is what the current canary is designed to do: signal significant events that could compromise the security of Riseup users. In other-words, actually signal when you should freak out.
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