Aliases Bug Workaround

Codyh wrote...
I encountered a bug where you get a red error message telling you the alias must end in if you enter it without the ending first.
The issue is you can't F**KING delete it and save the change. You just get the same message again and again. You cannot add the corrected alias over top of, below, etc. I assume the script just spits out the error message and stops without realizing the correction has been made.

The workaround is to overwrite the alias you made without the @riseup ending with completely random jibberish that does end in I used "". Save the change. Then overwrite that one with what you want.
I.E. Aliases:
1) You type joesmith.
2) You want but didn't know the isn't automatically added.
3) You can't change it...
4) Highlight "joesmith" and overwrite with ""
5) Hit save and look for the green "changes made" box
6) Highlight "" and overwrite with ""
7) Hit save

To Riseup Team: You guys are doing a fantastic job with the resources you have but there is absolutely NO indication anywhere that isn't automatically added to new aliases because you know...If I'm using Riseup I kind of don't expect my alias to be
I don't believe in bringing issues without a solution too; so I suggest as a quick-fix to add the following message to the aliases box that can be overwritten just like the "Subject" line is for new tickets.
"Please add to the end of your alias. IF YOU DON'T, IT WILL NOT WORK."
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Cedar Waxwing replied...
This bug where you could not remove aliases should now be fixed.

I will open an issue to have the code changed to automatically add the domain.

let me know if you have further problems
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