Not able to access after resettomg account

Fnord Andromeda ha preguntado...
My account has been reset at users and support riseup domains and yet I am not able to access with the same information like before and get "login failed" response. Please look into this as we use that mail heavily for Hambacher Forest Occupation and have not been able to do so in over a week....
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Devin park 1976 sml
Sunbird ha contestado...
Thanks for reporting this and sorry for the trouble.

Are you receiving the password reset emails? Are you able to login with that password at ?
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Crossbill ha contestado...

Just to let you know that I'm closing this ticket because we haven't heard anything back from you for a long time.

We hope your issue was resolved successfully, if it was not, then please reply to let us know.

Otherwise, there is no need to reply.
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