Does unsubscribing disclose your main account name?

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I tried to unsubscribe to an Apple email. (They are sending a LOT of emails) It took me to a page where I could choose options of what types of emails to receive. I haven't even verified my email addy with them because I used an alias. So, did I mess up here?
( I cannot use the apple account until the email addy is verified. How do I do that without disclosing my main account name? You have to click on their link to verify your addy.)
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Urraca De Cuello Negro ha contestado...

I'm very sorry, but I don't understand the issue. According to what you say, Apple is sending you a lot of e-mails and you tried to unsubscribe and got to the e-mail delivery preferences, which seems like the expected behavior.

The unsubscribe process is on a website, it shouldn't know your real account name, but I don't use apple products to really know how the whole process is made :/
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