MERGED: Invalid email address raised in the webmail

Saltine a posé une question...

Hi there!
We have little issue with the webmail application. When trying to send a mail to a specific address :, we have the following error : Invalid email address :
This is strange because we have the issue using different browsers but the issue doesn't occur in Thunderbird or other mail application.
Thanks in advance for the help.

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Saltine a répondu...

We have the same issue with all the addresses with Perhaps a bad des cription of the regular expression checking the mail validity?

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Uso a répondu...

Hi there,
I just tried to send an email to some false mail address and it went through without problems. The server replied successfully claiming that the recipient address doesn't exists, but that is normal in the case of my test.
Can you details a little more how are you trying to send the email?

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Uso a répondu...

This ticket hasn't been replied in a long time. It is been closed now, but you can reopen it if you still need assistance on this.

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