Will PDFs attached to list mail get through

Eliaz a posé une question...
A subscriber to my list is trying to send a PDF as an attachment. Will this get through to the list as an attachment I don't recall anyone trying to do that before. Thanks for the help - eliaz
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Cedar Waxwing a répondu...
Yes, it will work, if the file is small enough, but is not generally best practice. The problem is that emailing around PDFs is also how people get their computer compromised by phishing attacks. 80-90% of all security compromises in an organization happen because of email attachments.

Instead, we suggest you use share.riseup.net or the shared web space that is part of the mailing list:

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Eliaz a répondu...
Thanks for the Information, I've educated my subscribers about this issue. Sorry to not having sent in my thanks sooner, been getting used to the new interface :) - eliaz
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Vireo a répondu...
Dear Eliaz, 

This ticket is being closed due to inactivity.  Please respond and reopen the ticket if you still desire assistance with this topic. 

In Solidarity, 


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