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Antonia Juhasz a posé une question...

I can't figure out how I invite a friend to get a riseup account- how do I get the passcode for them to get an account?
thank you.

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Bluetit a répondu...

After logging in to account.riseup.net you can create an invite code. There's a link to 'Invite Codes' on the left and then a button 'Create an invite' on the top.
Your friend can use this invite on account.riseup.net to create their own account.

Some remarks:
* You only need one invite.
* Newly created accounts can not be used to create invite codes.
* Due to the numerous requests by spammers and scammers that tried to get a riseup account we have to insist on invites for new accounts. We know that this sucks. We are sorry about it but it's the only thing that makes sense right now.

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Anthony a répondu...

Need invite code. Please somebody help me.
"Your friend can use this invite on account.riseup.net to create their own account."
--- But now no friends here. I would like us to become friends. Let's be friends. Friends!!!!

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Bluetit a répondu...

Here's a few guidelines for giving out invites:
* Trust: Give invite codes only to people you know.
* Privacy: We retain a list of whom you have invited, but only for a limited time.
* Abuse: We will close your account if you give an invite code to someone who sends Spam or Phishing emails.

We are aware that more people would like to have riseup accounts and do not know people who already got one. We're thinking about ways to allow that without opening the doors to spammers. We have not yet figured any out and it will still take us time to implement them.

https://riseup.net/en/security/resources/radical-servers has a list of other tech collectives.

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