E-mail can't be deleted - quota in danger of being reached

Ken Gale a posé une question...

I use Thunderbird to download my e-mail and have it set so when I message is downloaded, it is deleted. But that no longer happens.

When I tried to delete e-mail online, I got this error message:

An error occurred! Server Error: UID MOVE: IMAP session state is inconsistent, please relogin.

In less than one day, I'm at 20% of my quota. Before long, I will no longer be able to get e-mail and that's how I get notices of events and send out notices of events.

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Lanie Anderson a répondu...

I'm having the same problem since yesterday and my email has reached it's quota. I can't get any new emails. This really, really sucks and no one is responding to the help ticket. Was your issue resolved? If so, how did you resolve it?

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Urraca De Cuello Negro a répondu...


I reply to both of you directly in private tickets. I'm going to close and make this issue private for now. The problem should be fixed finally, and I'm very sorry for all the troubles this could produce

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