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Hi everyone, thanks for your work.
I recently closed an account, in order to put its address as an alias of another account instead.
But it's been a few weeks and when I try to make the alias, it's still unavailable.
Do you know how to proceed?
It's a bit tricky cause I gave this other address to some people and it won't work until I can put it back as an alias.
Thanks for your help.

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Cedar Waxwing a répondu...

Let me know what the alias is and I can remove the reservation.

For security reasons, we keep old names reserved for a long period of time.


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Cedar Waxwing a répondu...

closing this as duplicate

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Energie@Riseup.Net a répondu...

I had exactly the same question :)
can you tell me to whom I should send a mail to give my old alias in case to remove the reservation ?
thanks a lot !

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Sarah a répondu...

Hi, a friend of mine (who's a political activists that agrees with your political values) who I referred to riseup deleted his account several months ago as he was going to switch to another email service.

He missed riseups privacy features and wanted to be invited back, however after I gave him a invite code it seemed that the username was reserved.

(I was reading about this issue here:

Is there any way you could remove the name from reservation so he can create his account?

Thanks very much-Sarah

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