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Hey birds,

is there a way to use IMAP authenticated by some kind of certificate?

I'd like to have access to my recent mails from my mobile. But saving my password on that device would be insane because of the risk of somebody gaining control of my mails and locking me out by extracting my password from the device and using it to change it via Using a certificate or a special password only for mail transfer would allow me to immediately shut down my phones access to my account when I'm loosing control over it.

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We are working for a specific password for IMAP/POP in the next months. This has a high priority in our tasks list, but we still haven't fully resolved the situation as the encrypted storage system needs several reviews to not screw things up.

But for now it's not possible for e-mail, just chat and vpn (which were our first approach to what we are building)

In solidarity

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