Mail which wasn't successfully forwarded

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I usually have my mail forwarded to

For the past couple of days there have been some issues with that address, and mail sent there does not seem to arrive - so the forwarding has/should have failed.

What happens to the forwarded messages in that case? Are they accessible someone? And - should they not automatically be placed in my mailbox when forwarding has failed?

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When you have a mail forward set, riseup's systems will attempt to forward it. If there is a hard failure (5xx error code) then it will bounce back to the sender right away. If there is a temporary error (4xx error code) then it will sit on riseup's server and keep trying to deliver for up to 5 days. If it still can't be delivered for 5 days it will bounce back to the sender.

Do you know what the problem is at What error do you get if you send mail there directly? That would help to determine what would happen on the riseup end.

If started working again then all pending mail should be delivered, but there can be a delay of up to a couple hours until the system notices, and mail might arrive out of order.

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