Impossible to receive mail with my alias adress

Sos Foret a posé une question...

First, sorry for my english. I recently create an alias with my account. I can send email but when someone want to answer he receive an error message: "user unknow" and i don't receive the answer.
Do you know why? And what can i do?

Thank you for your answer.

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Roadrunner a répondu...


Did you create an alias at or just an "identify" in your mail program?
I don't see any identities created for you, maybe it didn't get saved properly or something?

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Foretdebout@Riseup.Net a répondu...

When i read your answer, i understand! I just create an identity in my mail program, i forgot to create an alias at So now i do it an it works of course!
Sorry to bother you...
Thank you very much for your answer!

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