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Pflicht wrote...
Hello RiseUp Collective and Friends,

I don't know if this request is allowed, and please forgive me if it isn't, but I do not know anyone who currently uses RiseUp email and I was hoping to get to know someone who might then be willing to invite me. My current status in the U.S. military has allowed me to witness SO many abuses of power...what I want to do simply cannot be done using a commercially available email account. At the moment I use ProtonMail, but it does not support POP3 access; this is what I need in order to use PGP via Thunderbird, so that I can communicate privately with people who do not use ProtonMail. If anyone would be willing to consider my request, please reply to this post...I'd be happy to share a little more about my situation (not my identity), as well as my ProtonMail address for the invite code.

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Crossbill replied...

You can use this invite to create a new account: avk6-mf7d

Welcome aboard!
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